Monday, March 31, 2008

ideo Extender Kit, Cat5, ( Local plus Remote ) (Aten)

Video Extender Kit, Cat5, ( Local plus Remote ) (Aten)

With this video extender kit from Aten, the distance between the PC and remote monitor can be up to 430'. Uses a local transmitting unit and remote receiving unit connected by Category 5 twisted pair Ethernet cable.


  • Max video resolution 1600 x 1200
  • Reliable video transfer over category 5 Ethernet cable
  • Up to 430' transmission distance


  • VE-120L Connectors: HDB-15 Male input. HDB-15 Female, RJ-45 output
  • VE-120R connectors: RJ-45 Input, HDB-15 female output
  • Power LED
  • Max Res. 1024 x768
  • VGA, SVGA and MultiSync signal types
  • 500' Max distance
  • Metal case
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