Monday, September 15, 2008

Converter, Bi-Directional (Serial/Parallel) 256K (Aten)

Converter, Bi-Directional (Serial/Parallel) 256K (Aten)

salient feature :
Aten’s high performance reversible serial converter features both a DB-25 RS-232C (DCE) and a 36pin Centronics connection. With 512kb of memory, this quality unit can also serve as a print buffer. This unit supports both hardware and software (Xon/Xoff) handshaking.

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Compact Size
Dipswitches for direction setting
Easy installation
RS-232 (DCE)
DB-25 Female serial connector
Centronics 36 Male connector
Bi-directional data direction
300-38400 bps baud rate
7 or 8 data bits
1 or 2 Stop bits
None, Odd or even parity
Power LED
Reset key
AC 9V 150mA
Plastic case

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